ARRR accepted here Acceptance points and services The ARRRmada is a directory for stores and service providers that accept payments with the private crypto currency ARRR. Sign up ARRRmada most private and secure cryptocurrency Piratechain is a decentralized community project in the Komodo Platform ecosystem. Secured by dPoW and privacy by design!!! Learn More Payment Options Solutions to accept ARRR For all platforms Pirate offers possibilities to accept ARRR. Wordpress, HTML, Shopify, Opencart, ... Support. Find all payment options here. Gateways Donations

The ARRRmada are stores, service providers and companies that accept ARRR as a means of payment. If you would like to pay with the crypto currency ARRR, you will find all acceptance points here. The ARRRmada use our payment options for their shops or receive donations with our donation script. 

You have an online store, a store or are a service provider and accept $ARRR as an alternative currency on your website, then sign up now and earn ARRR with sales.

Merchant Ships

What is ARRR?

Pirate (ARRR) is an anonymous and secure crypto currency. Piratechain uses zk-SNARKS to encrypt and anonymize transactions. This means that no conclusions can be drawn about user behaviour. The piratechain does not allow any metadata to be transmitted outside, so ARRR is invisible. And secure against 51% attacks, as the pirate chain additionally protects itself via the Hashrate from Komodo and Litecoin. It’s possible with Komodo’s Security Mechanism: Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW).

  • Decentralized network
  • Privacy Payment with Piratepay
  • Proof-of-Work (secured by dPoW)
  • Private Transactions
  • fast, secure and anonymous
  • Tor Network supported

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Stores which accept ARRR as payment method

Blogs, Podcasts & Radio




Gift Cards



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You have an online store, service or a company and accept cryptocurrencies like $ARRR, then sign up and be part of ARRRmada. Earn your cryptocurrencies online. ARRRmada supports you, offers you a ship in the fleet and accompanies you on your way.

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