What is ARRR

ARRR Coin Pirate (ARRR) is an anonymous and secure crypto currency. Piratechain uses zk-SNARKS to encrypt and anonymize transactions. This means that no conclusions can be drawn about user behaviour. The piratechain does not allow any metadata to be transmitted outside, so ARRR is invisible. And secure against 51% attacks, as the pirate chain additionally protects itself via the Hashrate from Komodo and Bitcoin. It’s possible with Komodo’s Security Mechanism: Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW). Visit the official website of Pirate ARRR for more information.

Our ARRRmada

ARRRmada shipThe ARRRmada are stores, service providers and companies that accept ARRR as a means of payment. If you would like to pay with the crypto currency ARRR, you will find all acceptance points here. The ARRRmada use our WordPress- or Shopify-Plugin for their shops or receive donations with our Donation-Script. If you also have a service, a store or a company and want to accept ARRR, then you can find out more about the menu items. Detailed descriptions of the points of acceptance can also be found in our blog. ARRR accepted here:

Stores which accept ARRR as payment method

ARRR accepted here

Anyone who provides ARRR as a payment method to their customers is part of ARRRmada and has the right to be listed here. We thank everyone who is part of ARRRmada and accepts ARRR. If you want to make your users aware of the ARRR payment method, you can use one of the following graphics for your website, which immediately suggests to your customers that you accept ARRR. The size can of course be adjusted. Simply click on the right mouse button and save, then embed on your website at the desired location. Thank you in advance if you would also link the graphic to arrrmada.com.

Frequently asked questions about the points of acceptance

  • Is the offer here free of charge?

    Of course it is free to be listed here. If you want to donate some ARRR, you will find our donation address in the footer below.
  • Who can take part of the ARRRmada?

    Basically anyone who accepted ARRR as a payment method or has included the donation button on their website.
  • How long does it take for a link to be set?

    It may take a few days, so please be patient.
  • When can an entry in the ARRRmada be rejected?

    If the website offers no added value or ARRR is not accepted as a payment method. In some cases, we do not want links to prohibited content.
  • Who is behind the ARRRmada project?

    ARRRmada is part of the Pirate community and, like Pirate itself, a community project. It is a project from the community for the community.
  • Who is responsible?

    The plugins and payment scripts allows you to offer and receive anonymous payments. Each store operator that offers this payment method is responsible for its own use. Anyone can use these open source scripts, but arrrmada.com assumes no liability for their use.
  • How and where can I register?

    Simply fill out the following contact form or join our Discord Channel and join the #z-commerce-plugin channel.

Does your company already accept ARRR or would you like to accept ARRR as a payment method?

If you already accept ARRR as a payment method and would like to be listed here, please contact Pirate. You will find helpful information under the respective menu items. If you still have questions about the plugins and scripts, do not hesitate to contact Pirate. The community would be glad to welcome you soon on board.

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