ARRRmada Webservice

Our service for your online shop

The ARRRmada, consisting of several Pirate community members, offer you a web service based on WordPress and WooCommerce, so that you can realize your idea of an online shop.

The offer is aimed at all pirates who want to realize their own shop, but do not have the necessary knowledge to build such a project.

Basic requirement for your own store

  • Willingness to accept payment of your services or store with ARRR
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress/WooCommerce
  • The willingness to train oneself independently
  • To take over the maintenance and integration of the products independently
  • Own content for homepage, subpages and products
  • Domain and Hosting

Services provided by the ARRRmada

  • Domain and hosting consulting
  • Installation of WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Implementation of a premium layout to match the topic
  • Your own logo and brand on request
  • Integration of a test product that can be used as a template
  • Implementation of one of our partner payment plugins to accept payment with ARRR and other crypto currencies
  • Active promotion of your store via social media
  • Listing on arrrmada.com

The ARRRmada does not want to enrich itself, but to support it, especially the community and the project Piratechain. We want to promote the adaptation of ARRR, that is our primary goal. Nevertheless, we have to cover our costs as well, but we will be able to offer our service at a reasonable price.

Please understand, however, that we cannot give you a lump sum. This amount depends on the services that are used. Do not hesitate to ask for a non-binding offer. Our strong team is looking forward to accompany you with your idea and your online shop.

If you need further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.