Merchant Listing Submission Options

To list your store on, use our listing tool to generate a listing code. This code is portable and can be submitted for review using a few different methods

Method 1: Submit via GitHub

Submit your listing directly through our GitHub form. This is the primary method for submission.

  1. Complete your listing using our listing tool.
  2. Build your listing and generate the special code.
  3. Visit our GitHub submission form.
  4. Fill out the form, paste your generated code, and uplaod the listing image.
  5. Submit the form for review by our team.

Method 2: Submit via Discord

Alternatively, you can submit your listing through our official Pirate Chain community Discord.

  1. Join the Pirate Chain Discord server.
  2. Navigate to the #arrrmada channel.
  3. Post your listing code and attach the image of your store.

Method 3: Submit Anonymously via Pirate Chain Transaction (Coming Soon)

This method is currently under development. Soon, you will be able to submit your listing through the memo field of a Pirate Chain transaction.