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Accept ARRR as payment method with Shopify shop system

Shopify is one of the best-known and largest e-commerce software vendors. With Shopify it is easy to create your own shop, no programming skills are required. So that not only advanced merchants can open an online shop. Thanks to HumanAction.io, we can make ARRR available as a payment method to all Shopify users. And all this independently and without intermediary fees.

Shopify is a closed room and does not support third-party plugins, so the payment must be confirmed manually for it to be completed.
Our guide will help you to accept the anonymous crypto currency ARRR as payment method.

Guide Shopify Plugin

What you need to receive ARRR payments with Shopify

  • Shopify E-Commerce-Software
  • Our Guide
  • PirateOcean Wallet

You don’t need much to accept ARRR via Shopify as a payment method. Please read the guide carefully. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You will reach us via our contact form as well as via the different social channels, especially Discord.

For whom anonymous payments can be of interest

  • For all shop operators and service providers who want to grant anonymous payments to their customers
  • Onlineshops that deals with crypto products
  • For pirates fighting for digital freedom and independence

Users who want to pay anonymously are not criminals unless they do criminal things. It’s a human right to protect your data and it should be up to you whether you use a middleman with fees or pay with a crypto currency like Pirate ARRR.