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The Vision of Satfam

SatfamSatFam is aiming to build a unique brand with a sharp thematic focus on blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
We strive to create excitement and interest in this revolutionary technology while promoting our fresh new style of merchandise to this burgeoning audience. SatFam hopes to be a cog in the mechanism that will drive mass adoption.
We will bring fresh ideas into the stale crypto merchandise space with dynamic street art and comic book inspired designs!

Why comic style?

Graphic novels and comic books represent both old school and new school styles. Comics were incredibly popular story telling devices before the advent of TV and film.
And more recently, since the Hollywood blockbuster reimagined the way we share our stories, Marvel and DC comic book adaptations have dominated the global box office.
The public loves heroes and villains, super powers and dastardly plots. It always has.
However, the endgame is approaching; now is the time for a new era! A crossover of technology and art.
This is the beginning!

Why street art?

Anonymous, untraceable, artists are spraying graffiti in secret on city streets the world over. They make social commentary, protest unjust systems and demand revolution.
Think about it for a moment. You’ll realise nothing could be more representative of the blockchain movement than street art.

Take Banksy, for example – one of the most famous graffiti artists the world has ever known. He has spread his artworks and anarchistic stylings to a wider audience by remaining a mystery, an enigma. He elevated simple street art into a worldwide phenomenon.
SatFam plans to shake up the crypto fashion scene in a similar way.

SatFam is more than a simple crypto merchandise store…


  • IMO (Initial Merch Offering)
    % – dicount on the first sale of new designs
    giving away free MERCH on Twitter!
    SatFam lists new crypto projects
    only unique comic and streetart designs
    limited design offers
    more details coming soon!

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