Protonmail – Mail provider with the highest standards of data protection.

An email address is not anonymous. It is pseudonymous and does not hide your privacy in any way. Usually you log in with your data to one of the many providers on the net. Whether Gmail, GMX, web or Yahoo, with all these providers you are required to provide your data.

Of course, you can enter false data, but if you do, you will cheat yourself out of the free service. There will be no consequences, but there can be. An account suspension is imminent and you will no longer be able to access your e-mails. You have no right to this account, it is not yours.

In addition, your accesses including your IP addresses will be tracked. Your contacts are read and processed if necessary. Even your emails are theoretically accessible to them.

“You pay with your data”

Why do you think these providers are primarily free? Because you pay with your data. If you really want to put more emphasis on data protection, you should get familiar with ProtonMail. Don’t trust blindly, but Protonmail is open source. That means the code can be reviewed. And the good thing is, Protonmail is just as free in the basic version!

Protonmail is based in Switzerland and is subject to the strict data protection laws of the Alpine Republic.

Since ProtonMail is outside the jurisdiction of the USA and the EU, only a court order from the Cantonal Court of Geneva or the Federal Court can force this provider to release the extremely limited user information that is held there.

Privacy Features Protonmail

By default, no IP addresses are logged and no personal data is required for registration.

They use end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption to secure emails. This makes it impossible even for Protonmail to decrypt the emails. Data from emails can therefore not be read out or passed on.

Other privacy features:

  • Self-destructing e-mails
  • SSL secured connections
  • Additional services like ProtonVPN
  • Tor supported
  • iOS and Android App

And if that wasn’t enough, the product is advertised as having a data center located under a 1000m granite rock in a heavily guarded bunker.

The free basic package is limited to 500 MB of storage and to 150 mails per day. In addition, only the webmailer can be used. In the paid packages you get more memory, multiple addresses, you can even add your own domains, send more mails per day and a better spam system with its own filter rules, plus use local mail clients like Thunderbird via IMAP and SMTP.

And in addition to FIAT currencies, Bitcoin is also accepted. This makes ProtonMail what it is, a fully comprehensive privacy project.

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