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What is coinex.com

CoinEx was founded in December 2017 and is based in HongKong. Coinex is a global exchange for cryptocurrencies and tokens. The CoinEx team includes early adopters of cryptocurrency with a lot of international experience.

CoinEx offers its users a proprietary trading system and claims to provide an efficient, stable, and secure exchange. The platform now supports multiple languages and offers global trading services in nearly 100 countries.

On Coinex, you can trade numerous cryptocurrencies and tokens. As of December 18, 2019, ARRR is also listed and can be traded with BTC and USDT pairs.

So, you need to deposit cryptocurrencies from another platform to start trading. Recently, Coinex has started offering FIAT deposits through partner networks.

Fees on Coinex

Transaction fees are manageable and cheap compared to other exchanges. Each transaction amounts to 0.2% transaction fees.

The withdrawal fee, on the other hand, depends on the coin and token. ETH tokens, on the other hand, can be expensive due to the high network fees on the Ethereum network. However, this does not affect Pirate Chain. 

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Security and Privacy

The Coinex platform used several protocols when it came to securing the framework. Thanks to the “Full Dimension Protection”, you can be sure that all your exchanges and payments are protected and secured.
Please note that it is a centralized exchange. Not your keys, not your money! No question, Coinex is a good and secure exchange, yet we do not recommend leaving a large amount of cryptos on any exchange, no matter which central exchange.

The website is SSL secured and is located on a CDN network, so the loads on the server are distributed worldwide. Since increases performance and security.

CoinEx uses a captcha similar to the one implemented by Binance. For account security, users can set up either SMS or two-factor authentication (2FA) along with trade authentications and email code. CoinEx offers an alert system that acts as a login and trade notification when the user performs activity on their account. Transactions can also be optionally verified via email and 2FA.

KYC not required!!!

Coinex allows withdrawal of up to $10 k daily without verification. From 1,000,000.00 USD within 24 hours verification via Identity Card must be done.

* We have linked coinex.com with a ref link. There are no costs for you. However, ARRRmada receives a small commission. This profit will be reinvested in the development of ARRRmada and Piratechain.

Coinex also available as App

Coinex includes a broad offer, so you can trade your cryptos on the website, as well as in the in-house app, which is available for free for Android and iOS.

Support coinex.com

It happens from time to time that Coinex wallets are in maintenance. Coinex support has always been fast and professional. The support gets 5 out of 5 stars from us.

ARRR Chart

  • pirate-chain
  • Pirate Chain
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $72.2 M

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