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Bitcoin.com – Exchange for ARRR

What is bitcoin.com?

Bitcoin.com is an exchange for cryptocurrencies, which has been on the market since 2019. Roger Ver, one of the founders, was able to secure the top generic domain on himself in 2014. Previously, Roger had supported the Bitcoin network with the domain. Then, when he launched Bitcoin Cash as a fork of Bitcoin in 2017, the focus of the wallet and exchange became BCH.

One can debate and disagree about Bitcoin Cash and the fork, but with the domain bitcoin.com and the project, Roger and co. made a good move.

Meanwhile, bitcoin.com is one of the best-known Exchanges, on which, in addition to exchanges of cryptocurrencies, among other things, blockchain games. The focus is also on the adaptation of BCH and on solutions for merchants. And with the generic top domain, bitcoin.com will aqcuire many new crypto users.

The cryptocurrencies on bitcoin.com

First and foremost, the offer on bitcoin.com is designed for BCH. ARRR has been listed on the bitcoin exchange since February 2020. In our opinion, it is one of the Exchanges that has incredible potential. All the cooler that Pirate Chain can be exchanged there.

Other cryptocurrencies and tokens you can trade on bitcoin.om:

In addition to BTC, there is also a BCH-ARRR pair. That means you can exchange ARRR with BTC and with BCH. This makes bitcoin.com the only exchange that allows us to have a BCH-ARRR pair.


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Sign up at Bictoin Exchange and trade ARRR

The registration process is quick. The only thing you need is an email box, because you verify yourself via your email address. The email address is then part of the authentication for the login.

Bitcoin.com uses a “maker-taker” model for fees. The goal is to maximize liquidity.

  • Takers are charged a 0.2% fee from trading.
  • Makers are charged 0.15% fee from trading.

Know your customer

The KYC principle is also applied by bitcoin.com, but up to 1 BTC Withdrawal daily, it is enough to verify yourself with email address.

  • Individual: 1 BTC daily, 5 BTC monthly
  • Individual Pro: 100 BTC daily, no limits monthly

Security and Privacy

Privacy is lost if you want to withdraw more than 1 BTC per day or deposit on the exchange FIAT. This must be clear to you!

Verification via email address give you more possibilities to protect your complete data. There is the possibility to be pseudonymous. You are anonymous only if you use a VPN or access the exchange via Tor. You use an e-mail address that cannot be traced back to your person for example.

The URL bitcoin.com is protected via SSL. Therefore, always pay attention to the SSL certificate. The exchange is hosted over a cloud delivery network, which improves performance and security.

You can use a 2FA via bitcoin.com. You should, because with a 2-factor authentication you secure your login via 2FA.

Setting up 2-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) for any website that contains your private information or your funds is an absolute must.

Support bitcoin.com

First of all, bitcoin.com has a very extensive FAQ, where most questions are already answered. The customer support is fast, helpful and friendly. So far, we could not make any negative experiences. Quite the contrary!

Conclusion bitcoin.com

ARRR is listed on few other exchanges. Our personal opinion is that bitcoin.com is one of the stronger Exchanges that support Pirate Chain. Furthermore, we believe that the exchange is underestimated, on the other hand it has tremendous potential due to the bitcoin TopLevelDomain.

* We have linked bitcoin.com with a ref link. There are no costs for you. However, ARRRmada receives a small commission. This profit will be reinvested in the development of ARRRmada and Piratechain.

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