Multiple Payment Gateway

Crypto Currency Checkout – Multiple Payment Gateway


CryptocurrencyCheckout is breaking the barriers of accepting Multiple Cryptocurrencies by offering easy to install Platform Integrations that require little to no coding experience. Decentralized direct Peer to Peer transactions, combined with real-time market price conversions, Market Volatility Protection Tools, a smooth payment process and multiple ways for your customers to pay including 1-Click Wallet Integrations, QR codes for Mobile Devices, and manual entry for Exchanges and Web Wallets.

We offer many E-Commerce Platform Integrations including integrations for:

  • Shopify Stores
  • Bigcommerce Stores
  • WHMCS Web Services
  • Custom Buttons for Basic HTML websites.
  • And a WordPress/Woocommerce Store Integration.

As well as Donation Integrations for:

  • Streamers
  • Youtube Donation Links
  • Twitter/Facebook/Instagram donation links.
  • And more.

And our latest Invoicing Platform that allows people that may not have websites or stores to create sharable invoices that they can share with others to start accepting Cryptocurrencies in exchange for their Products or Services.

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