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Istanbul Taroth
My name is Francesco Nicolella, My role as a Consulting Metaphysician is to help any individual nurture and guide his Soul in its evolutionary path trough this current experience on Earth. To evoke possibilities of changes in the process of growth and transformation which is human life.  My focus is not centered on treating dysfunction or merely future-telling, but in developing greater awareness concerning your own destiny and purpose in life. After having been a follower and student of the metaphysical teachings of G.B. Lullo for more than seven years, I have developed a personal approach to Astrology and Tarot and started practicing on a professional level in 2013. My main intellectual focus is on the revival of ancient and classical texts and techniques, integrating them into the current modern practice. I live in Turkey and I organize Tarot and Astrology events in the most different places of  Istanbul: cafes, hostels, cultural centers, public gardens and private homes. I have a facebook page where you can follow my activities if you like: www.facebook/istanbultaroth

The Tarot and the Zodiac are not just an external  phenomenon. They are also living Archetypes within each individual. Both Astrology and Tarot are two tools, two mirrors, two symbolic languages able to achieve the same objective, in two words: knowing yourself.

The sessions will be centered on the development of conscience regarding the needs and desires of the Soul. Generally they are One-Session consultations that last from two to three hours. The Tarot can help you to better understand the present moment, with its challenges and opportunities; While Evolutionary Astrology can throw a light on a wider range of aspects and takes into account the entire life experience.

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