Pay Crypto Merchandise with Crypto and ARRR

We are a small niche store that celebrates and promotes a culture of libertarianism and cryptocurrency. We like to say we are helping to promote a philosophy of non-aggression, non-aggressively. We specialize in enamel pins and stickers but also have many options of clothing, unlike a lot of our competitors we use only Bella and American apparel products and our prices are normally below everyone else.

I don’t think we were the first store to accept $ARRR but I know we were the first Shopify store to accept $ARRR! We are firm believers in privacy and want to do our small part in helping to promote others who are making that possible, which is why it was easy for us to make the logical conclusion to accept $ARRR!

We sell a lot of $ARRR products and are happy to say it is one of the MOST USED form of crypto payments at the shop. We HODL 100% of sales and have only ever sold some recently for $KMD (true story), we truly believe in the project and are happy to accept and promote it!


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