Hidden Treasures

Hidden TreeasuresAhoy, mateys! Lookin’ to steal some hearts? Wantin’ to make that special someone “walk the plank”? Here at Ms. Ripley’s Hidden Treasures, you’ll find treasures aplenty to keep you excited on land or sea!

We are a Husband and Wife team that have been operating a Respectable Lingerie side business since 2013. Our clientele hasmostly been through word of mouth and house parties. We have a small presence on the web but are looking to expand.

We currently have listed all our available Lingerie items. We will also be adding the following sections over the next few weeks:


• Costumes (watch for sales to start towards the end of August)
• Leather
• Vinyl
• Swimwear (summer swimwear sales usually start around the mid to late Spring months)
• Hosiery

We have also been mining ARRR and a few other Cryptos over the past year or so and come to love the privacy aspect of Pirate Chain. So much so that we sold most of our mining equipment to purchase equihash miners. We also respect our customers privacy and have some very strict rules when it comes to protecting our customers identity when ordering such personal and private items.

All crypto transactions get 7.77% off you cart value as well as a coupon to get a total of 20% off from 7-22-19 through 12-31-19

Coupon Code: arrmada72219

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