The new concept of Non Fungible Tokens are coming very well in the crypto space, now this concept has arrived and it’s letting the artists to sell their creations in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Through the website, new artists are jumping every day to offer their work.

I have set up a store there, where I will upload high-quality images for the community, there you can own a part of the art-piece with a minimum investment, every art has been divided into few editions, usually from 3 to 21, so different collectors can have a shared ownership or one collector can buy all the editions available.
Right now I am setting up my own website, so for the time being is the only place I am selling.

Why not selling using Komodo Technology?

Of course with the Crypto Conditions covering shortly the Non Fungible Tokens, I would like to sell my art in the Komodo tech, but still its under development, but that is not a problem, you can pay with Arrr of course or KMD.

Art by comission or freelance also is welcome.