Frequently Asked Questions

What and who is the ARRRmada?

The ARRRmada is a community-driven initiative that focuses on promoting and supporting the utilization of Pirate Chain (ARRR) among various merchants. It’s a platform that lists businesses accepting ARRR, fostering a robust ecosystem around this privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

Who or what is Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain (ARRR) is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that utilizes zk-SNARKs technology to ensure the privacy of its users. It’s built with the aim of providing a highly secure and private medium of exchange.

What requirements must be met to be listed on ARRRmada?

To be listed on ARRRmada, merchants must accept Pirate Chain as a mode of payment, adhere to the community guidelines, and submit a listing request through the ARRRmada website for review and approval.

What payment service providers are available that support ARRR?

Various payment service providers support ARRR. You can find a list of supported payment Gateways here or the Pirate Chain official website.

Why should I accept ARRR as a payment for my service and goods?

Accepting ARRR as payment allows merchants to tap into a privacy-focused community, ensuring secure transactions and expanding their customer base to those who prioritize privacy in their online transactions.

I am a Merchant and would like to register here, how do I do that?

Merchants interested in listing their businesses on ARRRmada can submit a listing request here, providing necessary details for review and approval.

What is Github?

GitHub is a platform for version control and collaborative code development, allowing developers to work together on projects from anywhere in the world. It is also a useful place for the community to partispate with ideas and feedback, or in this case, submit a listing.

What are my obligations as a merchant to be listed here?

Merchants listed on ARRRmada are expected to maintain a standard of service, adhere to community guidelines, and continue accepting Pirate Chain as a payment method to remain listed on the platform.

How long will the listing take to be approved after submitting?

The approval process for listing requests on ARRRmada may vary, but merchants can expect a response within a reasonable timeframe after submitting their request. Currently we have set a maximum period of 2 weekdays, but typically it’s done the same day.

Does the listing have any fees?

No. Listings are 100% free with no hidden charges.

What wallet support is available for Pirate Chain?

There are various wallets available that support Pirate Chain. You can find a list of supported wallets on the Pirate Chain official website here,

I would like to receive ARRR donations on my website/blog. Can I also be listed here?

Yes, websites and blogs that accept ARRR donations can also be listed on ARRRmada.

How can I contact the ARRRmada?

You can contact ARRRmada via the official Pirate Chain community Discord server here.

I want to be an active contributor, what do I have to do?

To become an active contributor, you can get in touch with the ARRRmada team by joining the community discussions on GitHub and/or via the official Pirate Chain community Discord server here.