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Drippin Junkies –  E Liquids in UK

Drippin Junkies

Established in 2016, Drippin Junkies launched a brand new innovative brand to challenge the US dominance in the UK for E Liquids. Knowing we could do it just as well, if not better we set-out to create affordable E Liquids made for the people by the people. As ex-smokers who had successfully quit with the aid of vaping our goal is to help individuals in the same position – kick their habit.

Our line up consists of a range of flavours and styles to suit all vapers and their personal tastes. 15 flavours launched since 2016 with several more to come. From Desserts to Fruits and Menthols all bases are covered. We have had several high profiles review our flavours who have all resoundingly publicly announced we have some of the tastiest flavours around.

As a predominantly online business, payment and privacy is very important to us. Since Bitcoins inception and due to our interest in new blockchain technology we have recently added a number of cryptocurrency coins to our checkout. Everything from fast transactions to absolute privacy.

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