QR Donation Button

The easy way to get ARRR donations on your website, blog or shop.

Add a Pirate donation button to your website, receive anonymous donations and give users the opportunity to donate anonymously!

Webmasters have the possibility to receive anonymous payments with our donation script. You have your own website, blog or shop? Then offer users and you and your organization added value by integrating the Pirate Donation button with your own address into your platform.Our Donation Script supports you in a simple way to receive donations in ARRR.

All you need to do is integrate the java script urls into your website. In addition, the HTML code at the appropriate place on your website where the donation button should be displayed.

Crypto Currency Checkout

How to accept Cryptocurrency Donations

With CCC you have the opportunity to receive ARRR and many other cryptocurrency donations without a middleman and without programming skills. Twitch, Twitter and support for your own website.


easy to receive crypto donations

With you can easily receive crypto. Generate your link and enter your crypto address (ARRR). You can change the address at any time. Paste the link anywhere you want to receive donations.