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ARRR Donation script for webmaster

Add a Pirate donation button to your website, receive anonymous donations and give users the opportunity to donate anonymously!

Webmasters have the possibility to receive anonymous payments with our donation script. You have your own website, blog or shop? Then offer users and you and your organization added value by integrating the Pirate Donation button with your own address into your platform.Our Donation Script supports you in a simple way to receive donations in ARRR.

All you need to do is integrate the following Java Script links into your website. In addition, the HTML code at the appropriate place on your website where the donation button should be displayed.

For which projects is the Pirate Donation button interesting?

  • For blogs that write about crypto currencies
  • For journalists and people who are politically persecuted in their countries
  • For people who want to remain anonymous, especially the account balance should not be visible
  • For anyone who has a website and wants to accept donations
  • For pirates fighting for digital freedom and independence
  • For all who need support

Reasons for the digital anonymous donation

  • They don’t want to be asked for donations by fundraisers of other organisations.
  • They don’t want the fundraisers of the organization to which they have donated to ask them for money again.
  • They have political reasons and want to remain anonymous.
  • You want to make others happy anonymously.
  • You want to support a project.
  • You want to support the engagement of webmasters, journalists, pirates financially.
  • You don’t want to go public.
  • Nobody needs to know the amount of their remaining balance.

Everyone has the right to privacy, he has the right not to have to make public for which projects he donates how much.

How does the Pirate Donation Script work?

It’s very simple! Just copy the following codes and paste them in between the code tags:

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Also copy this HTML code and paste it where you want the button to appear:

<a href="piratechain:YOUR zaddress"><img class="" src="" width="199" height="69" /></a>

The buttons can be zoomed in and out. All you have to do is adjust width and height. Of course you can also use your own buttons.

Below you can see how the donation button works. Go with the mouse on the picture and it opens both the address of the receiver and a generated QR code. To send a donation, the user can copy the address and send his donation amount to this copied address.

The QR-code becomes interesting later that if pirates/ARRR can be managed via mobile wallets. In the next step we will install a URI that can open mobile wallets, so that the process will be accelerated and simplified.

Donation Default Button


Donate HeARRRt

For further questions don´t hesitate and contact us!!!