CypherPunkLabs – Tor Relays, exits and bridges


ARRR accepted

Did you know that Tor relays, exits and bridges are operated by law enforcement agencies and governments?

Cypherpunklabs are fighting against this and finding ways to do more for privacy with their Tor relays. They provide hidden services to assist you on .onion domains.

They also offer services and advice for anyone who wants to protect their privacy.

So the focus of the Cypherpunks is on privacy and anonymity. Besides Bitcoin and Monero they also accept ARRR (Piratechain) .

The Tor network is used and it is recommended that you do the same. Those who use Tor are not necessarily criminals. The primary purpose of using Tor is to protect your data.

All relays from Cypherpunklabs can be scanned on Github, so the guys create transparency and build trust.