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Yo-ho-ho landlubbers,

Blockchain Stuff is a crypto currency merchandise store that is dedicated to selling high quality Bitcoin and altcoin merchandise. If you love crypto then you have come to the right place! Our mission is to promote the cryptographic movement one piece of merchandise at the time.
We love privacy and are following Pirate Chain for awhile. Suddenly on Twitter, we saw a tweet from @Piratechain with a script to start accepting $ARRR as payment. We knew we had to jump on that ship. That same week, we started accepting $ARRR and are very happy that we did. $ARRR proves to be a solid investment with a lively and dedicated community. We will continue to support the project. Recently, we started selling Piratechain booty. We have Socks, clocks, mugs and phone cases. Soon more variants to come.

History of

We bought our first Bitcoin in 2016 and have been active on the markets since. Trading crypto has been a side project for a long time. We try to keep in touch with the lastest developments in the crypto space. Our goal is to provide Bitcoin and altcoin merch from every promising up-and-coming project. We prefer to get payed in crypto and accept Bitcoin and 12 other altcoins, including $ARRR.

Having being active for some time in the crypto community, we came to the conclusion that there wasn’t any good merchandise store for crypto enthusiasts. Especially altcoin merchandise was unavailable online. Whenever I wanted to give someone classy Komodo socks, there were none available! That’s when the idea of Blockchain Stuff was born. Here, everybody can order his own high quality merchandise as loot or treasure.

Like crypto, we work worldwide and will send our merchandise to the farthest reaches of the wild seas. Come take a look me hearties at our Bitcoin/Altcoin merchandise at

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