Accepting Pirate ARRR payments online

Boost your business and accept the Privacy Coin ARRR

If you are ready to accept cryptocurrencies and ARRR in particular, learn more about our solutions for merchants.

ARRR Payment Gateways

Which gateway supports ARRR?

The gateways listed here allow you to accept payment with ARRR on your website. We and our partners offer several ways to accept e-commerce sales, donations, services and more.

All payments in the pirate chain are anonymous. Receive anonymous ARRR payments without a middleman. Choose a free WordPress/WooCommerce solution, a Shopify, Opencart, HTML or a multi-platform solution.

If you have any questions or need help with the individual gateways, please contact us in our Discord or via the contact form.

ARRR Payment Gateways

Cryptocurrency Checkout

Cryptocurrency Checkout

CryptocurrencyCheckout is breaking the barriers of accepting Multiple Cryptocurrencies by offering easy to install Platform Integrations that require little to no coding experience. Decentralized direct P2P transactions, combined with real-time market price conversions.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank the VerusCoin team for adding ARRR to their Verus payment plugin for WordPress. VerusPay Gateway is a payment plugin that enables anonymous z-commerce on Wordpress. How to setup (VerusPay Wiki)



PiratePay is an open source decentralized payment gateway that allows you to accept $ARRR on your websites and stores. PiratePay eliminates the need for a middleman and is built with the highest level of privacy and security in mind.

Shopify ARRR

Shopify Script

Shopify is one of the best-known and largest e-commerce software vendors. With Shopify it is easy to create your own shop, no programming skills are required. Thanks to, we can make ARRR available as a payment method to all Shopify users. 



Thanks to Pirate LordTricky for the OpenCart solution to accept ARRR. On Steemit we have a complete guide to use OpenCart. Click here to access the guide on Steemit. The Opencart module is linked below and can be found on Github.

ARRR and Cryptocurrency Calculator

With our ARRR and cryptocurrency calculator we provide you with a free way to convert cryptocurrencies including ARRR, BTC, KMD and many more into FIAT currencies or other coins.

To do this, select the amount you want to determine, the base currency and convert it to the target currency.

To display current prices and conversion rates, we access data from CoinMarketCap and CoinCap.

Enter Amount
Base Currency
Convert To

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